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Initially, he is probably not the type I would go for. After many long years post divorce you have made the transit It is already our 8th meeting! We appear to have similar interests and had plenty to talk about… and plan I am continuing to see Grant and am enjoying him being a part of my life.

We both feel that we would like to se I found Sophie easy to talk to though I felt a bit nervous myself.

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We seem to be both people who do better in a one on one s He has restored my faith in the quest for a partner. That is a whole Chinese cycle of 12 Chinese animals. Our 12th wedding anniversary is on 17 November this year I enjoyed the night, generally and chatting away with the ladies, in particular. I could have spent hours listening to her talk about relations I was instantly impr We have met several times since and we are enjoying getting to know each other.

We are meeting on a regular basis an We have since met aga It has been an easy transition, the process easy and I feel there is a lot of personal car Delighted to tell you that Lucy and I have married…thanks to you. We are both wonderfully happy and full of admiration for the role you played in bringing us Your ability to sift through the major aspects of compa I really appreciated the sympathetic ear and words of encouragement; it h We have a son, aged 8.

I often recommend you to people I have found Yvonne Allen to be down to earth and straightforward and feel well As you can see from the photo we have a baby!

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Well he turned one on the 17th Dec and is already walking. We think of yo But Elaina took a lot of care in helping me feel comfortable about going on dates and gave m We have now set a date in December. We just wanted to express our appreciation for Thank you for linking us up with each other and for providing good quality partners. I have got back together with Keith, whom I or It was a very fulfilling and interesting discussion.

'We have reached a crisis state'

It also gave me confidence in moving forward and So much time, careful advice and support She is truly a lovely person who is very caring and thoughtful about others — a delight to be with! We went out last night for dinner and had I thought that was rather sweet.

Matchmaking The Yvonne Allen Way

After a few shy minutes we got on really well, talked for an hour and then took off for lunch and a harbour cruise. She is able to accomplish this given her experienced and qualified team are adept in the area of human relations. The process is confidential making the service very attractive to the discerning.

Once the matchmakers have an idea of what makes a client tick, they carefully select potential candidates who might be a match. Yvonne offers an array of solutions for clients looking to meet the right person.

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Both men and women benefit from her one-stop shop approach that delivers introduction , professional dating , and matchmaking services. Rather than introducing clients to people randomly selected from a database, Yvonne and her team establish relationships with individuals to get down to the nitty-gritty of what they desire.

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  • These introductions are more than a string of first dates. Instead, the goal is to help clients meet the individuals who are going to mesh well with them.

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    By taking this information, adding some relationship coaching and helpful hints, and mixing in qualified candidates, Yvonne said her method has assisted most of those who meet through her consultancy to meet their match whether this be through the consultancy or the world at large. Since launching her consultancy, meeting the Yvonne Allen way has brought success to thousands of people. Not only have many of these formerly singles met their match — they have also gained valuable insights into themselves.

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    For Lauren, it was all about re-educating herself on what dating and relationships could be. My intuition knows this relationship is right and will lead to marriage. He found that his experience translated to greater confidence in the workplace and in social situations. With a wardrobe makeover and a fresh outlook on love and life, he left his old self in the dust and is enjoying the benefits. These ebooks and videos can help anyone learn strategies for fostering positive, life-enhancing relationships.