Extrovert woman dating introverted guy

We have been dating for 3 months and I never know if she likes me or not. I tried to break up twice because I felt she didnt like me, and on those two times she fought hard to keep me, so I felt that she really likes me. I think its kinda stupid to have to make such a big drama just to check if the person likes me I dont do it on purpose, it just happens , so I hope that we get mature soon and can enjoy our times together instead of me getting worried.

I love her too much to give up, but I have to admit it is very, very hard… sometimes I pray to God so that I dont get crazy on the process!! New to the introvert. If the self professed introvert stops what they are doing, gets up and comes to have a conversation with you is that a sign of interest or just being respectful, especially when they are doing work for you?

Lingering, following you around, and seemingly not in a rush to get back to their work. Going out of their way to help you outside of the SOW. This is one of the rare posts from Michaela where I basically disagree. Guys nowadays are scared to approach women, especially depending on the culture they come from. But it can be easier on an introverted man to have the woman doing more, and the average extroverted woman is not going to mind doing more vs an introverted woman.

But I think, in general there are a lot of good reasons for women to be discriminating with men. This is what i find most complexing: The expectation of fulfillment from a relationship. Like two sick people needing each other to get by, enabling each others weakness because of fear of self refecltion then calling that complimentary. So much, the thought of dabbling in this dysfunction leaves me to withdrawal from the whole mess of relationships.

Advice For Extroverted Women Who Want to Date an Introverted Guy - Introvert Spring

He seems to come out his comfort zone to get my attention at times. Your email address will not be published. Other questions that often come up are: The Questions Introvert-Extrovert Relationships. Originally Posted by lrlilly4.


If she enjoys being dominant in the relationship, and genuinely likes him then I think it will work out. Some women like shy guys. When they're alone, I hope they have nice conversations though. Originally Posted by KDotLamar.

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Yeah I'd say he's a good conversationalist, just doesn't like crowds lol Really hope this works out for him. Nothing wrong with being introverted, but I want him to experience new things with new people, and hopefully this girl opens that up for him. Glad to hear brah. Thanks And just for clarification, they're already together and not just dating like stated in the OP.

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Originally Posted by stefano I had an ex that got mad whenever I went out with my boys cuz she knew how my boys were. Yes, it's alright to lead an introverted lifestyle. Some people enjoy one on one conversations and hang outs. I think this will work out, and if not with her then another women will suit him in his future. If he has a hard time meeting women, I suggest at least trying to start conversation with some at school or work just to get the ball rolling. Usually women assume the submissive position when meeting men, and wait for the guy to approach them and ask them out.

I prefer balanced women. Shy can be cute, but it can be annoying sometimes.

The same goes for loquacious and funny. Originally Posted by 49ersfan Originally Posted by Dewdrop You are uncomfortable around all extroverted women now because of 1 woman? What if you go out with an introverted woman and find that she is not to your liking - will you stop dating them, too? Most people are not completely extroverted or completely introverted.

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Most are a mix of the two. And that is only one part of a person - extroverted and aggressive are not mutually exclusive.

10 Signs an Extrovert Likes You

I would just focus on finding someone you click with instead or ruling out extroverts because one of them made you uncomfortable. I am not an outgoing man. Why would I date a woman who is outgoing? We would not be compatible.

Go on another 50 dates and get back to us! I'm much more outgoing than my husband is. I draw him out a bit and he calms me down a bit. It works out perfectly.