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You may be expected to offer some type of financial support to her family if it is needed, but if she is honest this will only be when it is needed. It is also wise to put in place boundaries, but if you are also honest about what you can afford. Then what she asks for will never be beyond your means.

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You will also be expected to give her the freedom to practice her traditions and at certain times to be available to join her on these occasions. Basically, you will be asked to meet the family and to join in some celebrations. This is what a woman from your own country would expect within a relationship. And I would suggest that you go along and enjoy it, you might just have fun. If you do these things your Indonesian girlfriend she will reward you with everything a relationship with an Indonesian woman has to offer.

Indonesian women can be very caring, loving, supporting and fun to be around. The rewards of dating an Indonesian woman will far out way the small sacrifices you may be asked to make. If you get the chance watch an Indonesian woman use her phone. You will then notice that her fingers swipe the screen so fast that they become a blur.

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You should also have no doubt that this woman is reading and digesting information faster than any supercomputer. Now imagine this same woman with your phone in her hands and you may get my point. Indonesian women view an unattended phone as an invitation, they will pick it up and they will look. Never leave your phone where she can get her hands on it if you have something to hide. They are also able to remember every call and text made from the phone in a matter of seconds.

Asian Dating is a website that can help in this part of the world go to Indonesia then select Bali. You may be sitting at a restaurant with your Indonesian girlfriend and she may offer you a taste of her food. And then you may think it will hurt her feelings or be unmanly if you refuse to take a bite. That glint is female Indonesian cruelty and she would like nothing more than to watch your head explode. Remember your Bali girls have been eating hot food since the day she was born. The food may look tasty but it is lethal and it will kill you.

Baliness girls will think that you are an retireman and it is general a baliness girl ask you for marry her and make real happy family. Generally Bali girls very busy with ceremony, study or job so almost have no time for clubs or hanging around with tourists.

Not necessarily for sex but wanna meet locals and have a good time but they gotta be gorgeous. When I said that many Indonesian women will expect some sort of support for their families, I probably should have clarified. Perhaps it would have been better to say this would only happen if their families needed the support.

And so I will take this criticism on board. You are probably going to call me sexist as well as racist, but I have met so many men who are in this situation. And they happen to think of their Indonesian partner as some sort of strange alien that they could not possibly understand. What I was trying to say is that this may be expected within her culture and that they should do their best to understand.

As for what I wrote about going to family gatherings. A number of men grumble about this also, but they would never see it as a chore if a western partner asked them to meet with her relatives. Then again maybe they would, but I was only hoping to clarify this for them.

By saying a number of Indonesian women have difficulty swimming, they check phones, they eat hot food or what they say to their girlfriends is the same as western women. I was telling the truth, but more than anything I was trying to be funny. But I am sorry if it came across that way. The situation with the conversation actually happened and I could not believe that he was so worried.

But this should be seen as the male of the species being a little too insecure and needy. Not the other way round or for that matter racist. The swimming pool scenario also happened and my girlfriend at the time nearly drowned.

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And that she did not really understand the concept of the shallow end and the deep end of the pool. The hot food and phone checking, you guessed it, they happened to me as well. But then it is also true that western men check phones as do western women. The fact is I am writing about Western men dating Indonesian women in this post.


And even if I am not doing it well, I am also trying to entertain. Of course you are entitled to your opinion and I thank you for your feedback. But if this post does sound slightly racist I would ask you to please believe that this is not my intention at all.

I would also say that if it does come across that way then I am completely happy to take it down.

And I would like to add, that I will do so if I receive another complaint. Thank you for your comment. For what its worth, I really found your initial blog post very insightful and as a glimpse into the "normal" types of questions, differences and customs I thought it was great! Indonesia is a sprawling mosaic of a thousand cultures and ways of life. She can do what she wants, and no one is going to expect you to commit to marriage anytime soon.

Bali girls

Many Javanese girls are Muslim, but unless you ask them you probably will never know, as the form of Islam over here is moderate. Many Javanese girls will be more familiar with the party scene, than a Balinese. Bear this in mind if you are looking for a partying companion. A while back I was sitting in a bar and 3 older American guys, who turned out to be college professors, came over and joined me.

Girls wearing the traditional hair covering, will not date you so do not bother. If your girlfriend is Muslim, try to respect and support her in her religious commitments especially during the month of Ramadan.

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Dating a Javanese girl can be an interesting experience, if both parties are open and relaxed. Free Download WordPress Themes. Download WordPress Themes Free.